Salford City Unison Campaigns

Campaigning is a vital part of our work. It is one method we use to raise awareness of issues, fight for employment rights and gather support for local, national and international issues.

Campaigning can help persuade people to take a particular course of action or change their attitudes or opinions.

Forced Academies

UNISON believes in good, local schools that work together to improve educational standards for all and are accountable to their local communities This is why we are opposed to the government’s academies and free schools programme. 

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The NJC covers over 1.5 million local government and school workers and so is an extremely important negotiating body. It also has a wider footprint in that other organisations in the public and private sector follow the NJC’s agreements.

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The Trade Union Bill

This week the Trade Union Bill went back to the House of Commons. We didn’t manage to defeat the entire bill, but we did manage to remove several elements of it that would have irrevocably damaged the trade union movement.

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Support for Refugees

UNISON believes that the UK has both a moral and legal obligation under international and EU law to receive refugees and should significantly scale up its resettlement programme.

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Junior Doctors

UNISON stands behind the junior doctors as they stand up for their rights at work and for patient safety, but unfortunately these attacks will come as no surprise to student nurses

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EU Referendum

UNISON is to campaign for the UK to stay part of the European Union, and will be encouraging its 1.3 million members to vote remain on 23 June.

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Salford City Unison News & Blog

See all our campaigns locally, Nationally, Past and Present on our news and blog pages.

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Our Mission

Enhance our capability to meet the recruiting, organisational and representational challenges posed by austerity measures including cuts, workforce reductions, reorganisations, attacks on facility time and privatisation.  Ensuring the union is relevant to all members who provide public services – including those who work in the private sector – regardless of the economic sector in which they work.

Protect and secure fair pay and terms and conditions, high quality employment, and pensions for UNISON members, building confidence for industrial action when required.  Promoting equality and challenging all forms of discrimination,  including racism, supporting migrant workers, and promoting UNISON’s alternative.

Develop our public service campaigns in support of quality public services, in defence of the NHS, and all public services, building our political influence, forging alliances with unions, appropriate campaigning and community groups to challenge the austerity programme, including challenging the attacks on the welfare state. To campaign for the election of governments in Westminster, and the devolved nations, which value public services and working people, rejecting the arguments of UKIP and other far-right parties.

Ensure that the union’s structures including organisational, lay member, ICT infrastructure and internal management systems are efficient and effective to meet the changing needs of all sections of the union and its members.

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