Scrap the Cap

This branch notes that:

NJC basic pay has fallen by 21% since 2010 in real terms
NJC workers had a three-year pay freeze from 2010-2012
Local terms and conditions of many NJC employees have also been cut, impacting on their overall earnings
NJC pay is the lowest in the public sector

Millions of public sector workers have faced wage freezes over the last seven years meaning a real terms pay cut of 10%. The TUC calculates that individuals are on average £1,232 p.a. worse off than in 2008.

In the NHS it’s even worse, with the majority of staff seeing a 17% real terms pay cut.

Theresa May just found £1 billion for to buy the votes of DUP MPs.

Further Education sector FE lecturers’ pay have suffered real terms cut in pay of 21.5% since 2009. This equates to a drop in pay of £7,850 for those on top of the scale.

This branch believes that:

The Tories are weak. Now is the time for mobilisation, we can break the pay freeze. We should also raise the demand for low paid workers for £10 per hour minimum wage.

This branch resolves to:

Call on the TUC to call regional Scrap the Cap pay rallies across the country.
Call on our union to push for a national dispute over pay – calling for an above inflation pay rise. To ballot for strikes and if necessary to call strike action.
Call on our union to invite Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to speak at pay rallies to help get the vote out when ballots are called.
Call on the TUC to call a national ‘End Austerity Now’ demonstration in the autumn. The Tory Party conference at the beginning of October in Manchester, seems an ideal opportunity to do this.
Call on the TUC to facilitate coordination of national disputes over pay, including coordinated strikes if necessary.
Call on Salford Council to support our union’s pay claim
To send this motion to Salford Trades Council

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