Health and Safety Update on PPE

Even though, a couple of elements relate solely to social care, the content of this email is relevant to all members.

This email focuses specifically on PPE. The information contained within it supersedes all previous guidance, including that contained in last night’s social care email. Although, to be clear, the other points in the social care email about paid time off and in what circumstances it applies are still entirely accurate. It is merely that the expectations around what PPE you should be provided with have been updated. If you are unsure about any of this, please ask.

The contents of this email has been fact checked with Public Health officers at Salford City Council.

The attachment (at the bottom of the page) sets out information applicable in the case of a COVID-19 incident in a care home.

The main page for the new updated guidance on infection prevention and control (applicable in all circumstances) is here:

You can find the section that specifically deals with PPE here:

You can find a link to posters with a ‘ready guide’ to the PPE recommended for different settings/situations here:

and another one here:

Members should try to read the information linked to within this email, as this provides comprehensive Government advice that all employers are expected to follow. If that is not possible, please be sure to check out the last two links, as they give a good breakdown of what is required in which circumstances.

In essence, the principles to be observed – for all workers – are as follows:

  1. If at all possible workers should be minimising all direct contact with the community outside of essential work requirements. Frequent and proper hand hygiene is advised, along with respiratory and cough hygiene. This is to reduce risks to members and their families as well as the obvious risks of spreading the virus to the public.
  2. If contact with patients, service users, customers or clients is unavoidable, then safe social distancing must be applied. If this is not possible or cannot be guaranteed, then appropriate PPE should be worn based on a risk assessment.
  3. If your work brings you into contact with a person or persons who are displaying the symptoms of Covid 19 or has Covid 19 you must wear full PPE. Before use, training should be provided about the correct use. If in any doubt please contact your manager.

If any members have concerns that their employer is not observing this guidance, or has been informed that the social care agreement set out in last night’s email is not being adhered to, please let us know immediately and we will raise it with the relevant Council, NHS and Public Health officers.