Covid-19 Update: 27th April 2020

This email principally concerns issues of PPE in all social care settings – public, private and voluntary sector.

On Thursday afternoon, we were contacted by members at a Salford care provider, who were concerned that they were not being provided with the correct PPE. We immediately contacted the provider, the NHS and the Public Health team at the Council and in less than 24 hours we had managed to help secure 1000 fluid-resistant surgical masks and updated guidance stating that they should be worn in all care settings and changed regularly.

A significant outcome of these discussions is that all guidance to care providers from the Public Health team will now be shared directly with UNISON. This allows us to share it directly with you, our members, meaning you can be sure that if your employer is not complying with this guidance, they are in breach of local guidance.

The latest version is attached (at the bottom of this page). If your employer is not complying, please raise it with them. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact us immediately on 0161 794 7425 and we will make it a priority.

Coronavirus Infection Prevention Advice V5 25.04.2020 FINAL BW