Schools Update – Friday 12th June 2020

The information below went out to our members in Salford schools on Friday 12th June 2020.

Schools Update

Please find attached a further letter (at the bottom of the page) that will be sent out to all Salford Headteachers this afternoon.

This letter stresses the position of the City Council and in doing so, makes some important points.

Fundamentally, it recommends that schools “do not widen attendance further until at least the 22nd June to allow for the revisiting of the risk assessments to take place.”

It states that, while the Council does not wish to disrupt children currently attending school, if risk assessments show current levels to be dangerous, schools will be supported to reduce them if necessary.

Furthermore, it recommends that schools utilise the checklist document produced by the education unions as part of the risk assessment process.

We have been informed by the City Council that today an amended risk assessment form has gone out to schools, with additional emphasis on the potential impact on those from a BAME background. This is the risk assessment we hope to see schools use as part of the recommended process.

If you or your colleagues have any concerns about the letter or the safety of your school environment, please do not hesitate to contact Diane Ogg at

12.06.20 to Head Teachers and Chairs of Governors