UNISON NEC Elections 2021

From 4th – 27th May this year, UNISON members will have the opportunity to vote to determine who sits on UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC).


The NEC is made up of representatives elected from all of UNISON’s regions and service groups, as well as seats for four Black members, two young members and two disabled members. It has the power to act on behalf of the union and is responsible for implementing UNISON policy and delivering on the union’s objectives and priorities.


You will receive a postal vote and we strongly encourage you to have your say over who leads your union.


Each branch is entitled to nominate candidates, and we have nominated the people listed below because we believe they are committed to ensuring our union challenges Government nationally and won’t leave members and branches to fight alone. We believe they will fight to:


  • Break the Tory Pay Freeze while their pals get rich on dodgy Government COVID contracts
  • Oppose further Austerity/attacks on our services
  • Resist attacks on our pensions and terms and conditions
  • Defend our NHS from privatisation and closures of hospitals and services
  • Fight sexism, racism and scapegoating of migrants
Low-Paid Reserve
North West Region
Karen Reissmann
Jane Wilcox
Tony Wilson
Steve North
Luisete Batista
Local Government
Andrea Egan
Jane Doolan
Diana Leach
Paul Holmes
Saoirse Fanning
Kevin Jackson
Su Edwards
Claire Dixon
Joe Kean
Kevin Corran
Higher Education
Kath Owen
Sandy Nicoll
Black Members
Nimisha Trivedi
April Ashley
Hugo Pierre
Julia Mwaluke
Disabled Members
Paula Carlyle
Sharron Nicoll
Young Members
Lilly Boulby
Kiera Hilder