Stop the Tory attacks on trans people!

At our February 2023 Branch Committee meeting, we passed the following motion. This will now be submitted for debate at National Delegates Conference.

This branch notes:

  • UNISON’s clear support for the rights of trans people and the welcome introduction of trans-ally training throughout the union.
  • The blocking of the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Reform Bill from the Scottish Parliament by the Conversative Westminster government under the use of Section 35.
  • That these reforms are intended to make life easier for trans people, one of the most oppressed and victimised sections of society. For example, in a recent survey for Stonewall, 41% of trans men and trans women said they had experienced a hate crime or incident in the last 12 months due to their gender identity and 25% had said they had experienced homelessness. The UK government’s own Equalities Survey found 67% of trans people had avoided being open about their gender identity for fear of a negative reaction.
  • Furthermore according to Trans Murder Monitoring, between October 2021 and September 2022 there were 327 reported murders of trans or gender non-conforming people around the world.

This branch believes that:

  • This move by Sunak’s government is an attack on the democratic rights of the people of Scotland and a further attempt to whip up ‘culture wars’ against an already demonised group, at a time when workers are increasingly fighting back against the cost of living crisis.
  • The rights of trans people do not conflict with the rights of other oppressed groups
  • The trade union movement should defend the right to self determination and the democratic rights of the people of Scotland, against an increasingly anti-democratic Westminster Tory government.
  • We need a united working class movement that fights against all forms of oppression and for fully-funded public services.
  • Ultimately our rights and liberation will not be won through the courts, but through collective action and the fight for a different form of society.
  • We should stand in solidarity with our trans comrades and fight for a full ban on trans ‘conversion therapy’, to immediately scrap all barriers to legal self-identification of gender, for fully funded trans healthcare and our NHS and to stop the attacks on provision of puberty blockers.

This branch resolves to:

  • Send our solidarity to our trans members.
  • Support protests and struggles to defend and extend the GRA reform.
  • Support the struggle for self-determination of the people of Scotland.
  • Send this motion to all relevant union bodies as appropriate including other labour movement bodies and National Delegate Conference.
  • Publicise this motion to all branch members.