Dear UNISON Member

By September 12, 2017News & Blog, Uncategorized

Dear UNISON Member,


Like any who knew him, I was devastated today to hear of the tragic death of Councillor Paul Longshaw.


Paul was a fantastic person who I had the honour to know personally.


As has been said by the City Mayor, Paul loved our city and dedicated so much of his life to it. As an officer and more recently as a councillor he showed a passion for Salford and its people in everything he did.


Paul was a proud socialist and a longstanding member of our union. He maintained his membership upon becoming a councillor and was always happy to meet with us so that he could understand the views of the people delivering the services he cared so much about. He had that rare quality of genuinely listening to every word said to him – never needing to rush off or check the time and asking questions to make sure he properly represented your thoughts in any further conversations he might need to have with other councillors or officers.


The people of Salford and the labour movement have lost a determined, vibrant and genuinely warm champion.


As so many of us knew him so well, Human Resources at the Council are ready to offer support to anybody who needs it.


My thoughts go out to his family. He will be sadly missed.



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