Steven North

Role: Branch Secretary


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

As Branch Secretary, Steve leads a team of officers, workplace representatives and staff all dedicated to making sure that UNISON members across the branch get the support they need.

Steve is seconded full-time to the branch and acts as well as acting as the Joint Staff-Side Secretary for Salford City Council, Steve leads our work in Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, as well as in the private and voluntary sectors, particularly on the issues of social care and housing.

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Diane Ogg

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

As Assistant Branch Secretary, Diane’s formal role is to deputise for Branch Secretary Steve North and to assist him with his responsibilities.

Diane is seconded full time to the branch and as part of her role as lead officer for schools and education, she accompanies Steve to meetings with senior officers at Salford City Council. She also leads on Salford Credit Union and Salford Loaves and Fishes.

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Ameen Hadi

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

As Treasurer, Ameen is responsible for managing the branch’s finances and ensuring that financial information is shared appropriately with officers, representatives and members.

Ameen is seconded full time to the branch and as well as leading on organisational support to stewards and members within Salford City Council, he is our lead officer for Salford Community Leisure.

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Tara Higgins

Role: Branch Chair

As our Communications Officer, Tara’s role is to provide the information members need to play an active role in their union. She does this by helping create a positive image for the branch among members, potential members and the public. Tara also works with other officers to produce our annual “Stand Up For Salford” magazine and developing electronic communication – email, web, etc

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Brian Murray

Role: Branch Administration Assistant

Brian works in our branch office. His role covers areas such as the assistance of members, providing support and taking minutes at branch meetings and assisting Elaine in the management and use of members’ information.

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Matthew Dickinson

Role: Local Organiser

Matthew is employed as a Local Organiser. His role is to recruit and organise workers in the community and voluntary sector, particularly in the field of social care.

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Lisa Millar

Role: International Officer

As International Officer, Lisa’s role is to co-ordinate the branch’s work on international relations and to ensure that branch members are informed of national policy on international matters.

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Paula Lawless

Role: Welfare Officer

As Welfare Officer, Paula’s role is to ensure that branch officers, stewards and workplace representatives, and also employers, have regular up-to-date information about UNISON Welfare and its range of services and to ensure that members seeking welfare assistance receive a prompt, supportive and effective response.

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Hassan Ortega

Role: Membership Officer

As our Membership Officer, Hassan ensures we prioritise recruitment and retention, as part of our organising approach.

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Amira Taha

Role: Equalities Officer & Vice Chair

As our Equalities Officer, Amira’s role is to ensure that equality and diversity are part of everything we do, and to support officers elected from the different sellf-organised groups (SOGs).

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Sam Barry

Role: Lifelong Learning Coordinator/Education Officer


Phone number: 01617947425

As our Lifelong Learning Coordinator, Sam’s role is to assist our members in developing the key skills they need.

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Simon Fox

Role: Branch Treasurer


Phone number: 01617947425

As our Education Coordinator, Simon’s role is to organise and support training opportunities for our reps and other officers, and to contribute to the ongoing development of branch activists.

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Gale Blackburn

Role: Environment Officer


Phone number: 01617947425

As our Environment Officer, Gale’s role is to ensure that we are working to tackle the Climate Emergency.

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Julia Mwaluke

Role: Black Members Officer


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

Julia is employed as a Care Worker. Her role as Black Members Officer is to support Black members within UNISON and to ensure they have a voice within all our structures.

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Lotte Boumhela

Role: Young Members Officer & Labour Link Officer


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

As Young Members Officer, Lotte’s role is to support our Young Members and to try and find ways of increasing Young membership and engaging young workers in the activities of the branch.

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Julia Block

Role: Retired Members Officer


Phone number: 0161 794 7425

As our Retired Members’ Officer, Julia’s role is to enable retired members of the branch to continue to be active in the union through the branch’s retired members’ section

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