Fair Pay Now for Council and School Workers! Organise Your Protest Day on 8 December

By November 30, 2017News & Blog, Uncategorized

The Local Government employers are meeting on 13 December to decide how much they will offer you in response to our pay claim. You need to build up local pressure beforehand and make some noise to support our pay claim before the employers meet.

We want you all to organise a day of protest on Friday 8 December for Fair Pay Now in local government and schools. We want every branch to use the day to highlight the dire state of NJC pay.  The bulletin sets out some ideas for your day of protest.

As well as using Fair Pay Now and Pay Up Now campaign materials:

  • Order our new joint union pay leaflet for the public –stock no 3839
  • Use our song sheet of ‘traditional’ local government pay carols (included with this bulletin)

Contact:  Gill Archer on 020 7121 5340, g.archer@unison.co.uk

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