Fighting for Care Workers

We in Salford City UNISON are proud of our achievements for Salford’s Care Workers.

Prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had already achieved the following in the last twelve months:

  • The Real Living Wage of £9.30 for all workers on the Salford Supported LLiving contract from 1st October 2020.
  • At least £9/hour for ALL Salford Care Workers from 1st October.
  • Sleep Ins to be paid at the rate of the Minimum Wage.
  • Holidays at Lifeways to be paid in line with actual hours worked. (This agreement then transferred with those Lifeways staff to new employers).

Since COVID-19, we have helped secure more PPE and access to testing that was originally intended for NHS-staff only.

Crucially, we have secured and agreement, that ensures front-line  staff who are absent as a result of Government guidance around COVID-19 will be paid full pay for the first 14 days, and then at 80% for a maximum total of 12 weeks period of absence. Such payments are to be made on the basis of typical hours worked, rather than basic contractual hours.

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We are determined to keep fighting for real dignity and protection for care workers, but to get it, we need your help. The more care workers we have the union, the stronger your voice.

Being in UNISON also  offers you individual protection inside and outside work for you and your family should you ever need it. To find out more go to

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