Justice 4 Grenfell

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Justice 4 Grenfell
The fire has killed and injured many, and is devastating the lives of hundreds.
In sorrow we send our sympathy and offers of practical support. We demand an end to the murderous disregard and contempt for tenants shown by the landlord in Kensington who ignored warnings from Grenfell Action Group.

Across the country other landlords are ignoring safety warnings from tenants and others – Fire safety report on 4,000 blocks ignored. Government cuts funding for major repairs and maintenance, promotes demolition and describes our homes, estates and communities as ‘brownfield sites’. This is the context of the disastrous failure to act on tenants’ warnings.
Across the country landlords ignore tenants’ warnings, in order to cut costs or avoid works.
We need a full, immediate safety enquiry into Grenfell and every other block. We need full funding for any improvements including sprinkler systems, recommended by fire services. And we need to listen to tenants views on redevelopment and warnings about the risks to homes and lives.
Unison supports the following demands:
* Government must pay for removal of all combustible cladding now.
Clarification of what cladding, skirting and rendering is considered as safe. This should include information about any insulating layers that may be placed between the original walls and the facia material
* A full public fire safety review, including all specifications of works already done.
* Suspend redevelopment works until we re-scrutinise plans and materials.
* Re-instate independent fire safety inspection, with reports publicly available and enforced. Yearly review of building fire safety with findings legally binding for all new builds and all homes for rent.
* Full government funding for all fire safety recommendations. On social housing stock
* Reverse the privatisation of health and safety, building control and materials research.
* We demand landlords are made to listen enforce a residentsright to vote on any redevelopment plans.
Host a Public Meeting with invitations to Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign, FBU, Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Greater Manchester Hazards, AGMA and Defend Council Housing

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