Urgent School Update – Tuesday 9th June 2020

The information below was sent out to our members in Salford schools on Tuesday 9th June 2020. Urgent School Update Yesterday morning ,23 of our members at a primary school in Salford took a decision (with our full support) to inform their Head Teacher that, as a result of plans to expand school provision beyond vulnerable […]

Social Care – Further Improvements Secured for Salford Carers

The information below went out in an email to all Salford City UNISON members on Tuesday 9th June 2020. For Urgent Attention of Members in Social Care We are pleased to inform you that the attached letter  (see bottom of the page) has today gone out to all social care providers in the city. As […]

Urgent Update for School Members and Press Release

The information below was sent out to all UNISON members working in Salford schools on 7th June 2020. It has since been shared with City Mayor Paul Dennett, Lead Member for Schools John Merry, Salford City Council officers, our partner unions, Salford’s three MPs and all of Salford’s Labour councillors. We have asked all councillors […]

Further Schools Update – Fri 29th May 2020

The email below went out to all our members in schools on the evening of Friday 27th May 2020. Dear UNISON Member, I apologise for sending another email today, but we wanted to ensure you were fully aware of the situation as we approach the close of the last working day before Monday. We are […]

School Update – Friday 29th May 2020

Please follow the link below to an urgent email that has been sent to all UNISON members working in schools. https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2020/05/UNISON-Education-%E2%80%93-school-members-email-28-May-1.pdf

Urgent Schools Update – Monday 18th May 2020

The following email went out to all members on Monday 18th May 2020. Dear UNISON Member This email is of direct and urgent relevance to our members in schools and other education/childcare settings. However, we are sending it to all members, as we know the potential impact of schools re-opening on 1st June will not […]

Coronavirus Update – Friday 15th May 2020

The following statement went out as an email to all members on Friday 20th May 2020.   Dear UNISON Members,   I wrote to you earlier this week, setting out how we intended to proceed as a branch after the change of position from the Government.   Fundamentally, we pledged to be guided by you, […]

Education unions’ statement on the safe reopening of schools

This information was copied from the TUC website. The original webpage can be found here. Unions with members in the education sector are today (Wednesday) publishing a joint statement on the safe reopening of schools in England. Today’s statement follows a longer statement to the Secretary of State on Friday 8th May, which set out […]

Coronavirus Update – Tuesday 12th May 2020

The following statement was sent by email to all members on Tuesday 12th May 2020: Dear UNISON Member, By the time you read this email the picture may be clearer, but at the time of writing, the Government’s announcements have left us with more questions than answers. Hopefully therefore, this email will at least provide […]

NJC Pay 2020 Update

We have today received an update from UNISON’s NJC Committee on the NJC (Green Book) Pay Award for 2020-21. NJC pay is the pay received by the vast majority of our members employed by Salford City Council, Salix Homes, Salford Community Leisure, Aspire and Schools. The update is as follows (in italics): NJC PAY 2020 […]