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UNISON has met with the Sixth Form College Employer’s (SFCA) on pay negotiations on the 2017/8 pay round.

The employers have made a final offer of:

  •  A 1% increase to all pay points on the sixth form college support staff pay spine and London weighting and fringe area allowances from 1 September 2017.
  •  Additional increases for staff on points 13 to 20.
  • Commitment to undertake joint work on the NJC support staff pay spine review, with particular focus on lower pay points.

The offer will result in the new lowest point on the scale being point 13, which will be £15,078 per annum. The minimum hourly rate will increase to £7.82 per hour.

The amount of the Sixth Form College Support Staff Standards Payment will remain at £320. Colleges should be reminded that they should continue to pay the allowance.

The proposed additional increases on points 13 to 20 are;

Point 13               £152
Point 14               £106
Point 15               £61
Point 16               £62
Point 17               £53
Point 18               £128
Point 19               £106
Point 20               £83

They represent a first step in the reform of the sixth form college pay spine for support staff. A copy of the draft pay scales is attached.  Click here

The following re-opener clause also forms part of the offer, “The 2017/18 NJC support staff pay agreement, commences on 1st September 2017. It includes a commitment from the Employers’ Side and Trade Union Side to jointly review the lowest point on the NJC support staff pay spine in light of any adjustment agreed by the low pay commission to increase the statutory minimum wage as at April 2018. This will occur if the minimum wage figure rises above £7.82 per hour. Should this occur the NJC support staff committee will meet at its earliest opportunity to consider the impact of the statutory minimum wage on the 2017/18 agreement.”

UNISON continues to raise concerns about the concentration of staff on the bottom points of the scale; reasonable pay differentials that reflect differences in job size; the use of spot points and a lack of fair grading structures. We hope that the working party that has been established will be able to properly address these issues.

The UNISON negotiators acknowledged that the final offer from the SFCA does not meet all the aspirations of our claim. However, the negotiating committee recognises the significant increase for the lowest paid and acknowledges that many colleges continue to be in financial difficulty and have therefore agreed to consult members in sixth form colleges on the offer.

The negotiators are recommending the offer as the best that can be achieved through negotiation.

Branches and college reps are asked to consult with members in sixth form colleges at the earliest opportunity and to complete the attached form and return it to the education services unit by Friday 8 December 2017.

I have also attached for clarity a list of the colleges that currently apply SFCA terms and conditions and whose members should be consulted on this offer.

If you have any questions please contact Ben Thomas on 020 7121 5270 or

Yours sincerely

Jon Richards
National Secretary
Education and Children’s Services

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